N-Gauge Layouts

I have at present two N Gauge layouts. Archie’s Yard is a small shunting layout and is completed. Rowandale is under development, with some areas nearly completed, but with a lot still to do. Both are N Gauge, and designed for DCC operation, with no isolation sections. Control of the locos is using the free open-source software JMRI DeCoder-Pro, with the interface to the track via a USB connection to a SPROG Controller, which in turn generates the DCC signals for the track. The Decoder-Pro software does have throttles you can use on the PC, however it also allows for Wi-Fi connection to Android mobile phones and tablets. Again free software Engine Driver can be downloaded to the phones and tablets for extremely convenient wireless control of the locos.
Archie’s Yard started out as a quick test bed for magnetic uncoupling and as a relaxing shunting puzzle. Gradually bits of scenery and then buildings were added until it has become a self contained small layout.
N Gauge Uses a 9 mm track gauge, hence the name, and is nominally to a scale of 2mm to the foot. There are however two variations of the scale. 1:160 is used on the Continent and 1:148 for British models.
Rowandale will be my main layout, representing a double main line with a small town, station and goods yard, together with a reasonable length of double track running through the landscape. At present just the goods yard, station and town areas are completed, with three other sections being worked on.
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