Buildings & Railway Structures on Archie’s Yard

Engine Shed

This is an embossed plastic kit from Ratio, painted with acrylic paints. The crew of the tank engine have paused between tasks, before topping up with coal and water. The background buildings, water tank and arched wall are from Scalescenes kits. The coaling stand is scratch built and contains real coal.

Coal Office & Yard

The office is an embossed plastic kit from Ratio, with a good coating of grimy acrylic paint. The coal staithes are card and have real crushed coal in them.

Goods Shed

This was built from the Scalescenes card kit, with added goods and internal lights.

Archibald’s Storage Warehouse

This is using the Scalescenes low profile card kit. Archibald is worried about the cost of the repairs to the roof that the builder says are urgently needed; he would rather have a new car.

Background Buildings

These are all built from Scalescenes card kits. They are all low relief versions and will eventually be used on my main layout.
The sky and moor backdrop is printed from a series of panorama photographs - Yes I know it should really be of a town scene, but this is what I have to hand; Archie’s Yard was only meant to be a quick lash up !
This gallery show the buildings in more detail, and included are some night time photographs, as most of the buildings have small bulbs fitted and contain internal details.
The lighting is by small filament bulbs, either the grain of wheat or the even smaller grain of rice size. They are 12v bulbs run at 9v, for long life and subdued glow. I find that even the warm-white LEDs are rather harsh by comparison, also with bulbs you do not have to worry about polarity of the feed.
Buildings on Rowandale Buildings on Rowandale
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